TheStyleTrain Nuggets: The Place Called HAPPY!!!!

It has been one h*ll of ride this past few week hence my disappearance from the blogosphere, like i always like to remind y’all that THESTYLETRAIN is always here to keep the style train moving. On a rather happy Friday i decided to dress up and show up like the African Style Star that i am, but the devil struck; have you seen a grown man driving for over two hours and crying? (story for another day) the moral of the story is that “are we broken? of course yes, “do we break? HELL NO. 

IMG_5329 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333

Many times when certain occurrences happen we forget to look at the brighter side of life and give thanks to God instead we break down and wish such didn’t happen, are we God? what if He made everything happen for a reason? lets always try to have a second thought when things don’t go our way and always remember the author and finisher of our faith reigns supreme.

Outfit Details

Ankara shirt: Custom Styledbybie

Silk Tunic: Custom Styledbybie

Pants: Levis

Shoes: Nike

Photography: Ellisoft Photography