My Wildlife experience in Kigali

Believe me when i say Kigali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa, apart from the fact that my hotel had one of the most amazing views you can ever imagine overlooking the whole city (popularly called the city of many hills) every corner of the city definitely emulates beauty. As a travel blogger that i am, i decided to visit to Visit the Akagera Park which happens to be the second largest wildlife park in the whole Africa named after the Akagera River which shares borders with Tanzania.


Rwanda Living Day 1: Visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial

Rwanda is a relatively small country precisely about the third smallest in Africa, located in the eastern part of Africa sharing border with Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi.  They were colonized by the German then later the Belgium resulting to them speaking a bit of french, Rwanda is rich in granite (they even have a company that polishes granite now after their president visited China and realized they have being importing polished granite).


Dressing up a slouchy Tee Shirt

Dressing up a tee shirt might come across as being tedious but there is really a simple trick to converting your tee shirt into a night outfit. From pairing with denim jackets, blazers, waist coat, for me I decided to pair with this Ankara print jacket I have had and there you have it the birth of this style post.


Taking it back to the early 90s

Let’s go way back to the early 90s when fashion was about big necklaces and dark round shades, from the likes of Biggie, Tupac, Puff Daddy and the rest that helped reshape the hiphop game. Oversized clothing gives me so much because that’s my style area, I am at that phase where i am trying to proof to people that vintage doesn’t mean sloppy.


Some Of My Favorite Things Right Now

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Just a little something to share with you on here things that i am loving at the moment, from my new laptop which took forever to come (story for another day), my Nigerian made Ankara Bag from Omotola Souvenirs, my OUD Touch by Frank oliver thats value for money. Most fascinating of all funny enough is my laptop bag because never for once have i thought that a made in Nigeria product can be well finished and serves the purpose.

From Now ends i am team BUY NIGERIAN which i employ each an everyone of us to consider

Keep The Train Moving…………..