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TheStyleTrain Takes UAE: Desert Safari

You know those things that happens ones in a lifetime, definitely the desert Safari falls in that category for me. Apart from the fact that i enjoyed every moment of and the memories will last forever the highlight for me was wearing the traditional Arabian attire we call Jalabia, which took me down memory lane. I bet y’all didn’t know i had a muslim background hence the name Sheik Ibrahim, from the bumpy ride to the different performances by the belly dancers to riding on the camel’s back glad i decided to go on such a beautiful adventure.

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Dubai Living: Day 1 and 2

Arrived the beautiful city of Dubai for another leg of my vacation and i must say i basically agree that this is one of the most beautiful place to visit in the world. Spent the better part of day 1 and 2 visiting the market ( i legit know i have extra luggage already) to everywhere you turn to is a shopping experience. From day 3, full tourist mood will be activated so guys STAY TUNED…..


My Wildlife experience in Kigali

Believe me when i say Kigali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa, apart from the fact that my hotel had one of the most amazing views you can ever imagine overlooking the whole city (popularly called the city of many hills) every corner of the city definitely emulates beauty. As a travel blogger that i am, i decided to visit to Visit the Akagera Park which happens to be the second largest wildlife park in the whole Africa named after the Akagera River which shares borders with Tanzania.


Rwanda Living Day 1: Visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial

Rwanda is a relatively small country precisely about the third smallest in Africa, located in the eastern part of Africa sharing border with Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi.  They were colonized by the German then later the Belgium resulting to them speaking a bit of french, Rwanda is rich in granite (they even have a company that polishes granite now after their president visited China and realized they have being importing polished granite).