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Taking it back to the early 90s

Let’s go way back to the early 90s when fashion was about big necklaces and dark round shades, from the likes of Biggie, Tupac, Puff Daddy and the rest that helped reshape the hiphop game. Oversized clothing gives me so much because that’s my style area, I am at that phase where i am trying to proof to people that vintage doesn’t mean sloppy.


Danshiki for the win

My personal style can’t be far fetched because i like to see myself as a guy next door with a twist if you will agree with me, not like i need some validation but half the time taking old pieces and rematching them happen to be my thing of late. The danshiki for me is easy, stylish, comfortable and versatile; I have had a post earlier on the blog when the danshiki was paired with a tailored look to give a rather sophisticated style.


My style is personal

Hey guys, i am one of the most unserious bloggers you will ever find as most people will say but i beg to differ judging from the fact that i run a fashion consultancy brand, a PR brand, an online store just to mention a few. I am particularly blogging about the fact that some people never seem to understand the need to mind their own businesses at this age and time.


Vintage with a Twist

Vintage pieces are never out of style, however you want to pair your vintage pieces there turn out to be very dapper or chic as the case may be. When pulling off the vintage trends and you do not want to look boring a lot of accessories helps to add sizzle to your look, go for colors that are bright or compliments your skin tone appropriately.

Today I am wearing?


Today i am wearing a print clash ensemble designed by me for STYLEDBYBIE, comfort and elegance is the order of the day basically because i woke up on not a bright note, i had to remain thankful and stylish as always

Print Shirts and Shorts by Styledbybie

Shoes by Clarks

Accessories from Asos.