10 Style Details You Could Be Getting Wrong

Cut out these simple errors to take your look to the next level

1 | Don’t Ignore Your Shirt Collar


It’s great to make do and mend, but only to a point. Your work shirt from last year may look white from the outside but be sure to inspect the inside of your collar for yellowing and the edges for fraying. Even the slightest hint of wear will make you look unkept. The same goes for creases. Iron them out, no matter how hungover you are.

2 | Don’t Use Your Pockets


There’s a reason why tailors sew up suit pockets before they sell them. If you stuff your suit with keys, wallets, phones and packets of chewing gum you will totally ruin the line he’s worked so hard to perfect. This applies as much to your jacket as it does to your trousers. Carry your essentials in your hands or in a bag to ensure that you look uncrumpled and elegant by the end of your commute.



3 | Find A Formula That Works For You


Don’t be drawn into chasing fads or fashion. Find a formula that works for you, a uniform you can rely on – say a double-breasted, slim-fit jacket, T-shirt and trousers – and execute flawlessly every time. You could be versatile all the same but you delivering really good at whatever you wear and not going overboard. Trust me becoming irrelevant is totally a bad idea.


4 | Buy a Belt That Fits You


That flappy bit of leather that you’ve punched a few extra holes into with the kitchen scissors may not be bothering you, but you can rest assured it’s upsetting everyone else. Buying a belt that fits your waist size will ensure that there’s no excess material swinging about and that the bulk beneath your jacket or jumper is minimized. This will both create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and make you look like you care.


5 | Pay Attention To Your Trouser Length/Hems


Try and avoid trousers which puddle over your shoes or flap around your ankles. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Take them instead to your tailor and get the hems turned up, or if they’re too long, taken down (providing that there’s enough fabric to work with). If in doubt aim to have the hem skimming the top of your shoes. Correct length trousers can make the look: they should be long enough to kiss the shoes yet short enough to show your socks when seated. Great socks are often the first thing you notice about a person. I suggest a pair that work in harmony with the shoe as opposed to the trouser.”


6 | Pay Attention To Details


The sharpest man in the room never overlooks the details. I always add a handkerchief to the breast pocket of my jacket. It’s a fail-safe way to smarten up your look. Trying on a pair of brooch is also a good idea to smarten up the look not leaving your lapel bored. Do not over accessorize all the same but taking risk to me is a good idea.


7 | Don’t Expect It To Fit Off The Peg


Whether you buy your suit, blazer or jeans from any designer either haute couture or vice versa except it was tailored to fit you, the likelihood that it will fit you straight away is low. Find a good alterations tailor and take everything you buy to him. That way no matter how much you spend, you’ll always look good.


8 | Pull Your Trousers Up When You Sit Down


Certain fabrics – wool and flannel in particular – are very quick to ‘knee’ (sag and pull around the knee area) once you’ve sat down a couple of times. One way to avoid this is to pull your trousers up a bit every time you sit down. This will avoid the fabric stretching and the unsightly trouser shape which ensues. Just make sure your socks are good enough to show off.


9 | Invest In Good Shoes.


“You can always judge a man by his shoes.” It’s an age old adage you might have heard from your Granny but it’s as pertinent today as it ever was. Shoes, after all, are often the first thing a woman of good taste will sneak a peek at to form those all-important first impressions. So why is it that us Nigerians commit so many apocalyptic shoe crimes up and down the land en masse every day? Will we ever learn? A lot of shallow understanding about footwear and how to be worn, where to be worn to especially those who feel a shoe shouldn’t be expensive, I tell you I’ll prefer a less amount of shoe in my closet with good quality than a whole wardrobe filled with substandard shoes. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean all expensive shoes are of very good quality but it is better to get a good shoe regardless of the amount but of good quality and not shoes made with substandard materials. A good shoe makes a man and his elegance is been revealed from his looks and not with Scooby shoes.


10 | Pick The Right Socks


Just like your underpants, if your socks are on show, they should add to, rather than detract from your outfit. If you’re wearing a suit ensure that the socks are thin (silk or cotton) and long enough so that no bare ankle is visible beneath the hem of your trousers – even when you sit down. If in doubt, opt for a sock in a dark shade – particularly if you’re wearing dark colours – or alternatively opt for a sock in a muted shade which compliments the colours you’re wearing. A burgundy sock with blue jeans and white sneakers for instance, or a charcoal sock with a navy and brown brogue.